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Sarvadhnya  Apartment

  Welcome to Concrete Developers new launch Sarvadhnya Appartment with a 4th story appartment situated in the middle of the city, At AT PLOT NO. R-4 NARENDRA NAGAR, NAGPUR.
















Ø     R.C.C. Framed Structure in high Strength cement of reputed company   and TMT steel.

Ø     External wall 9” thick brick masonary walls.

Ø     Internal wall 4.5” thick brick masonary walls.


Ø     12-mm thick smooth plain plaster finish.

Ø     Sand faced cement plaster & Architectural finish in exterior.


Ø     MAIN DOOR: -Frame of Teak wood & T.W. decorative shutter with beading & Brass/S.S. finish fitting.

Ø     OTHER DOORS: -Frame of wood & wooden shutters of laminated panels with decorative beading & brass/ S.S. finish fittings or laminated flush doors with brass/S.S. fittings

Ø     BATH & W.C. DOORS: -Wooden Frame with Flush Door.

Ø     WINDOWS: -Fully glazed aluminum window with plain glass & with MS grills.


Ø     Vitrified flooring in all rooms with 4“ high skirting.

Ø     Staircase in Kota Stone with MS Railing.

Ø     Kota/Situ in common Area.

Ø     Ceramic tile flooring & wall cladding in bath & W.C. up to 7’0 dado.


Ø     P.O.P. ceiling with mouldings in drawing room and P.O.P mouldings in all other rooms.


Ø     Granite Stone Platform

Ø     Stainless sink.

Ø     Glazed ceramic dado of 4’.


Ø     Standard white/Grey/Ivory Sanitary wares.

Ø     One water mixer in each bathroom, with water tapes in toilet, bath & kitchen.



Ø     Concealed cable & telephone wiring in drawing & bedrooms.



Ø     PVC Conduit Concealed Copper wiring with adequate light, fan & socket out lets in each room.

Ø     Adequate Power Points in Kitchen for Microwave, Toaster, Aquagard, Mixer, Fridge etc. With one Power Point for water heater in each bathroom.

Ø     AC. Point in Master Bed room and cooler points in other room.

Ø     Modular switches of Standard make.

Ø     Common lighting will be provided.

Ø     Emergency D.G. light point in each flat.



Ø     D.G. Set with change over Switch.



Ø     Standard C.P. Fittings.

Ø     All sewer lines in SW & CI Pipes.

Ø     All water supply lines in C PVC or PPR Pipes.

Ø     Standard Sanitary wares in white/Grey/ivory colour.



Ø     24-hour water supply from over head tank.

Ø     Separate lines for drinking water & utility water from over head tank with provision of Sump for Collection of Corporation water.

Ø     Well for utility water.

Ø     Pumps sets, one each for sump & well.



Ø     Acrylic Distemper for the interiors.

Ø     Acrylic Exterior Paint for the exteriors.



Ø     Covered parking for one car will be provided.



Ø     One lifts of Kone/Otis make will be provided with D.G. backup for one lift.



Ø     Pavement Block paving  from all sides.



Ø      Iron main gate, Compound wall  & landscaping.



Ø      Waterproofing & anti termite treatment for toilet & bath blocks.


Special Common Amenities


Ø     Intercom facility for Security.

Ø     Automatic Water Level Controller.

Ø     Landscaping in common areas.

Ø     Camera fitted in the guard room so that visitors can be viewed in the television standing at the guard room.




Ø     All Interior Furniture works will be started only after completion of entire work of scheme from the Concrete Developers and in any case no work can be done by the purchaser during the completion of the building by M/s. Concrete Developers.  

Ø     If there are any changes in internal arrangement then the purchaser has to give the layout plan well in advance and once the layout is finalized then the Concrete Developers shall not make any changes in the internal layout.  It is specifically agreed by the purchaser that there will be not any change in the exterior of the building.

Ø     The purchaser will discuss with M/s. Concrete Developers before appointment of the interior designer.

Ø     M/s. Concrete Developers will not make any changes in the toilet layout.

Ø          Installments are to be paid within 15 days from the date of communication of the stage.

Ø    For delayed payment 24% Interest (per annum) on the defaulted installment will be charged.  The maximum time limit for such delayed payments will be 60 days, after that booking will be cancelled and 50% of the received amount will be forfeited as penalty.

Ø       All expenses with report to the preparation of all documents payment of stamp duty; Registration fee along with other expenditure payable thereon shall be born by flat purchaser.

Ø     Loan facility will be available from the Financing agencies depending on the income of members and builder will be supply necessary document for loan purpose.

Ø    Amount to be paid for deposit against Electric Meter, sub station network, and Water Meter, VAT, & Service Tax etc., shall be paid by the Purchaser.

Ø     Any extra work done shall be charged extra.


1)  The 1ST   Installment payable on completion of               

     R.C.C. upto Ground floor Slab                       13% OF AGREED CONSIDERATON

2)  The 2nd   Installment payable on completion of               

     R.C.C. upto First floor Slab                      13% OF AGREED CONSIDERATON

3) The 3rd  Installment payable on completion of                

     R.C.C upto Second Floor Slab                                 13% OF AGREED CONSIDERATON

4)  The 4th Installment payable on completion of                         

     R.C.C. upto Third Floor Slab                           13% OF AGREED CONSIDERATON

5) The 5th Installment payable on completion of

     R.C.C. upto Fourth Floor Slab                         13% OF AGREED CONSIDERATON

6) The 6th Installment payable on completion of

     Brick Work of the APARTMENT Chosen                     13% OF AGREED CONSIDERATON

7) The 7th  Installment payable on completion          

     of Plastering work.                                13% OF AGREED CONSIDERATON

8) The 8th Installment payable on completion

      of Finishing work.                                               8% OF AGREED CONSIDERATON

9) POSSESSION / SALE DEED                       1% OF AGREED CONSIDERATON        


Note:- All the plans, drawings, amenities, facilities, etc. are subject to the approval of the respective authorities and would be changed if necessary. The discretion remains with the Concrete Developers. All rendering and maps are artists conception and not actual depiction of the Building, Walls, Driveway or Landscaping.  M/s. Concrete Developers reserve the rights to make changes at any time without notice or obligation to the information contained in this Brochure including and without limitation to the area, amenities and specifications.  M/s. Concrete Developers does not warrant any legal liabilities or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any information disclosed. 

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